Active and Passive Electronic Components

Electronic Components can be Classified in to Passive and Active Components

Passive Electronic Components

Passive components  are the components that do not require external power to operate. It consumes energy during its operation.

Example: Resistor

No power is required to turn it on. It allows the current to flow through it, limits the flow of current depending on the resistance value. Output signal is always smaller than the input, it can not provide signal amplification or power gain.  

Active Electronic Components

Active components are the components which require external power to operate. It can boost or amplify the signal, which is controlled by an external electric source.

Example: Transistor

External source is required to turn the transistor on. Depending on the amount of external source/voltage, output signal can be controlled.  

Active Components
Passive Components
An external  source  is required to operate  
No external source required to operate
Capable of power gain, signal amplification
 Incapable of power gain, amplification
It can not store energy
It can store energy for sometime
Examples: Diode, Transistor, Integrated circuit (IC)
Examples: Resistor, capacitor, Inductor


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